A: Grange, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland | E: info@mullingarharriers.com

URGENT: all Club members must confirm their contact details (24th May)




We know it sounds like the opening line of every spam e-mail ever sent, but we need every member to confirm their contact details, so the Club’s records are up to date.

Sports Ireland has given Athletics Ireland permission for all athletics clubs to return to limited activity, but only if Clubs can meet specific guidelines, among them being physical distancing, hygiene and contact tracing. The last one, contact tracing, is absolutely key and one of the many changes we need to introduce is the mandatory pre-booking and recording of all those who attend sessions at the Club. An online system will be used to assist with this process, but to ensure the Club has all the required information about our members we need everyone to verify their contact details.

Therefore, we request all Club members, or their parents or guardians, to please send a phone numbere-mail address and home address (with Eircode, if known) to info@mullingarharriers.com, using “contact” as the subject. For families, one e-mail will suffice, rather than multiple ones with the same details.

Without confirming these contact details, you will not be allowed to attend further training sessions at the Club grounds. This request applies to everyone in the Club, including those that paid or renewed membership online this year and therefore their details were captured at the time; phone numbers and e-mail addresses can change, so we need to be sure we have everything up to date. Anyone not on e-mail can phone any member of the Committee or ask another member to do it for them.