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Fixtures 2022


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Please confirm date & venue nearer the competition




27th : Athletics Leinster AGM [this will be a Virtual event]

28th : North Leinster Schools XC, Phoenix Park

28th : Mullingar Harriers AGM [POSTPONED]

29th : Irish Universities Indoors, Athlone

30th : AAI National Masters Indoors, Athlone (closing date 23 Jan)




5th : European DNA (Dynamic New Athletics) Indoors, Emirates Arena, Glasgow

England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Turkey

5th : Leinster Juvenile Indoors + Combined Events day 1 (Youth, Junior, Senior, Master), Athlone (closing date 26 Jan)

Walks (u14-19), 400m (u16-19), 1500m (u16-19), 60m (u12-19); HJ (b12, u14, u16); LJ (u13, u15, u17, u19); SP (g12, u14, u16)

6th : Leinster Juvenile Indoors + Combined Even ts day 2, Athlone (closing date 26 Jan)

200m (u16-19), 600m (u12-13), 800m (u14-19); 60m Hurdles (u12-19); HJ (g12, u13, u15); LJ (u12, u14, u16, u18); SP (b12, u13, u15)

12th : AAI Indoor Games, National Indoor Arena (closing date 5 Feb)

13th : AAI National Intermediate & Masters XC, Juvenile “B” XC u/11, 13, 15, 17 (2021 Ages) & Juvenile Inter County XC Relays 4 x 500m u/12 & u/14 (2021 Ages), Castlelyons (Fermoy), Co. Cork (closing date 6 Feb)

15th : NIA Live, National Indoor Arena

16th : Leinster Schools XC, Santry Demesne

19th : AAI Juvenile Star Awards, Tullamore Court Hotel

20th : (AAI Permit) North Westmeath AC “Turgesius Island” 10 Mile, Collinstown 12 noon

21st Feb to 1st Mar : European Masters Indoors, Braga (Portugal)

26th/27th : AAI Senior Indoors, National Indoor Arena (closing date 20 Mar)




3rd : NIA Live, National Indoor Arena

4th/5th : World Race Walking Team Championships, Muscat (Oman)

5th : Irish Universities XC, Hosted by TCD

12th : All-Ireland Schools XC, Mallusk (Belfast)

12th : Leinster Indoor Relays + some older Juvenile field events, Athlone (closing date 2 Mar)

4 x 200m (u12-19); HJ (u17, u18, u19); SP (u17, u18, u19); TJ (u14-19)

12th/13th : European Throwing Cup, Leiria (Portugal)

13th : AAI National u/20 & u/23 Indoors, Athlone (closing date 6 Mar)

17th : Mullingar Half Marathon

18th to 20th: World Indoors, Belgrade (Serbia)

19th : AAI National Juvenile Indoors – Day 1, Athlone

400, 1500m, Walks, 60m; LJ (g12, g14, g17, g18, g19, b13), PV (boys 15-19), SP (g13, g15, g16, b13, b15), HJ (g12-19, b14)

20th : AAI National Juvenile Indoors – Day 2, Athlone

200m, 600/800m, 60m hurdles; LJ (g13, b12, b14, b18, b19), PV (girls 15-19), SP (g12, g14, b12, b14, b16), HJ (b12, b13, b15, b16, b17, b18, b19)

26th : SIAB Schools International XC, Wales

26th : Leinster Junior, Senior & Masters Indoors, Athlone (closing date 16 Mar)

27th : AAI Inter-Club Indoor League – Final, Athlone

27th : World Half Marathon, Yangzhou (China)




2nd : AAI National Juvenile Indoors – Day 3, Athlone

4x200m Relays (u12 to u19); SP (g17, g18, g19, b17, b18, b19), TJ (g18, g19, b18, b19), LJ (g15, g16, b15, b16, b17)

3rd : AAI National Spring Throws, Athlone

8th/9th : Irish Universities T&F, Hosted by UCD

10th : AAI National 10k

18th : (Easter Monday) “Battle of Clontarf” 10 Mile (incorp. Leinster 10 Mile), Raheny

23rd : AAI Annual General Meeting, Santry

24th : AAI National Road Relays

27th/29th : North Leinster Schools T&F, Santry

30th (Saturday) Leinster Novice & Masters Road Championships, Gowran, Co. Kilkenny

30th : Irish Milers Club Meeting, UCD Belfield




7th : AAI Technical Events (Field & Relays)

14th : Irish Milers Club Meeting, Mary Peters Track, Belfast

18th/21st : Leinster Schools T&F

21st : European 10,000m Cup

22nd : AAI National Inter-Club League – Round 1

28th : European 10,000m Cup, Pace (France)

28th : Belfast International T&F, Mary Peters Track

28th : Leinster Junior T&F & Combined Events (day 1)

29th : Leinster Relays & Combined Events (day 2)




4th : All-Ireland Schools T&F, Tullamore

5th/6th : Leinster Senior & Masters T&F, Tullamore

11th : Leinster Children’s Games (u/9, 10, 11 Pairs) and (selected events) u/12 & u/13 T&F

18th/19th : Leinster Juvenile (u/12 to u/19) T&F, Tullamore

25th : Tailteann Inter-Provincial T&F, (venue to be confirmed)

25th/26th : AAI Senior T&F, Santry

29th June to 10th July : World Masters T&F, Tampere (Finland)

30th June to 5th July : World University Games, Chengdu (China)




2nd : Morton Games, Santry

2nd : AAI National Children’s Games (u/9, 10, 11 Pairs) and u/12 T&F, u/12 Relays, and u/13 HJ, Tullamore

3rd : AAI National Juvenile T&F – Day 1, Tullamore

60/75/80/100/110m hurdles, 600/800m, 2k/3k s/chase; Hammer (g14-g19), HJ (g14, g15, g16, b16), TJ (g16, g17, g18, b17, b18, b19), Javelin (b13, b14, b17, b18, g13, g18)

4th to 7th : European u/18 T&F, Jerusalem (Israel)

5th : Cork City Sports, Bishopstown (Cork)

9th : AAI National Juvenile T&F – Day 2, Tullamore

2k/3k/5k Walks, 400m, 60/80/100m, 3000m; Discus (g14, g15, g16, b15, b16, b18), Hammer (b14-19), LJ (g13-17, b13-17), SP (g17-19, b17-19), TJ (g19, b15, b16), Javelin (g14, g17, g19, b19), PV (g15-19)

10th : AAI National Juvenile T&F – Day 3, Tullamore

200m, 1500m, 250/300/400m hurdles; Discus (g17, g18, g19, b14, b17, b19), LJ (g17, g18, g19, b18, b19), HJ (g17, g18, g19, b19), Javelin (g15, g16, b15, b16), SP (g14, g15, g16, b14, b15, b16), PV (b15-b19)

15th to 24th : World T&F, Eugene (Oregon, USA)

16th : SIAB International T&F, Santry

16th : AAI National Juvenile Relays (u/13 to u/19) & “B” T&F, Tullamore

17th : AAI National u/20 & u/23 T&F, (venue to be confirmed)

23rd : AAI Games (& Juvenile u/14, 15, 16 Pentasthlon)

24th : AAI Games (& Masters Combined Events)

24th to 30th : European Youth Olympic Festival, Banská Bystrica (Slovakia)

30th/31st : Franconville International u/18 T&F, Paris

31st : AAI National Inter-Club League – Round 2




2nd to 7th : World u/20 T&F, Cali (Colombia)

13th : AAI National Masters T&F, Tullamore

14th : AAI National Inter-Club League – Final, Tullamore

15th to 21st : European Games (incorp. European T&F), Munich (Germany)

27th : Tullamore Half Marathon (incorp. Leinster Half Marathon)




28th : (Wednesday) Westmeath Schools XC, Belvedere




2nd : Athletics Westmeath XC, Day 1 (u/8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18)

9th : Athletics Westmeath XC, Day 2 (u/9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, Novice, Senior, Master)

15th : AAI National Juvenile XC Relays (u/11, 13, 15), Abbotstown (Dublin)

16th : AAI Open Autumn XC, Abbotstown (Dublin)

22nd : (Saturday) Leinster Novice, Junior & Juvenile Even Ages XC

NOTE: event will be held a week earlier than the usual October Holiday week-end date

30th : Dublin City Marathon (incorp. AAI National & Leinster Marathon Champs.)




5th : (Saturday) Leinster Senior & Juvenile Uneven Ages XC

12th : Irish Universities Road Relays, NUI Maynooth

13th : World Half Marathon Championships, Yangzhou (China)

20th : AAI National Senior, Junior & Juvenile Even Ages XC




4th : AAI National Novice & Juvenile Uneven Ages XC

11th : AAI National Race Walks (35k)

11th : European XC, Turin (Italy)