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Week ending Saturday 16th October


A great day’s competition at Westmeath Cross Country

Early morning fog gave way to beautiful sunshine in Belvedere last Sunday for day two of the Athletics Westmeath Cross Country Championships. Competition was for girls and boys under 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 years and for novice, junior, senior and master women and men. Belvedere proved itself yet again as an excellent cross country venue and underfoot conditions were absolutely perfect, under bright sunny skies and with no wind, it was a fabulous autumn morning, which helped to attract a large entry, especially in the adult races where there were teams from Athlone, Coralstown-Kinnegad, Mullingar and North Westmeath.

Many of the juveniles who took part on day one the previous week were back in action again either running in their own age or moving up an age group to get in some race experience. As on day one, the competitors on day two came from all across the County and included a number of welcome newcomers, with everyone keen to perform well. All the underage races were keenly contested and the last race of the day was a combined race for girls and boys under 17 and under 19 years, and for Novice, Senior and Master women and men. All the women ran 4,000m, the older master men also ran 4,000m, the senior men ran 8,000m and the rest of the men ran 6,000m, everyone starting together and running over the same course but with different numbers of laps, and with nearly ninety runners racing out from the start, it was quite a spectacle to watch the early stages of the race as the large field snaked its way around the rolling hills of Belvedere.

Thanks to all who helped last Sunday recording the results and stewarding on the course, to the many parents who came and supported the competitors, and to the management and staff of Belvedere for the use of the excellent grounds, but especially to the athletes who provided great competition.

The results of day two are:

Under 9 girls 500m – 1. Penny Bohan (MHAC), 2. Katie Bohan (MHAC), 3. Olga Turlocov (Killucan), 4. Aimee Downes, 5. Lauren Smith (Delvin), 6. Grace Ganley (Athlone), 7. Lily Archbold (MHAC), 8. Amelia O’Sullivan, 9. Aoife Gouldsbury (MHAC), 10. Alannah Ryan (AIT AC), 11. Tilly Eivers (MHAC), 12. Helen McGrath, 13. Rachel Ryan (Dalystown), 14. Sophia Walsh (Athlone), 15. Maria Gouldsbury (MHAC), 16. Saoirse Peters (MHAC), 17. Alison MacEoin (Mullingar). Under 9 boys 500m – 1. David Canning (MHAC), 2. Tom O’Connell (MHAC), 3. Adam O’Donoghue (Mullingar), 4. Myles Thornton Sleator (MHAC), 5. Cillian Gavin (Rochfortbridge), 6. Tom Frayne (MAHC), 7. Mel Bohan (MHAC), 8. Eoin Clune (Delvin), 9. Conor Gavin (Rochfortbridge), 10. Patrick Sheerin (Raharney), 11. Josh McDonnell (MHAC), 12. Cillian Martyn, 13. Matt Casey (Tyrrellspass), 14. Senan Conlon (Athlone), 15. Donnacha McDermott (MHAC), 16. Billy Dunne (Tyrrellspass), 17. Michael Sheerin (Raharney), 18. George Rolland (MHAC). Under 11 girls 1,500m – 1. Lily Walsh (MHAC), 2. Chloe Bell (MHAC), 3. Clodagh Conlon (AIT AC), 4. Shaynah Mitchell (MHAC), 5. Lucy Kilmurray (MHAC), 6. Aoibhe Martyn (MHAC), 7. Orla O’Connell (Mullingar), 8. Amelie Kelly (MHAC), 9. Orla Nohilly (Mullingar), 10. Amaia Lozano (MHAC), 11. Kate O’Donoghue (Mullingar), 12. Alliyah Downes (Mullingar), 13. Claire Murtagh (Kilbride), 14. Grace Ryan (Tyrrellspass), 15. Molly Thornton Sleator (MHAC), 16. Caitlin Peters (MHAC). Under 11 boys 1,500m – 1. Cillian Galvin (MHAC), 2. Niklas Santin (MHAC), 3. Antonio Bertolo (MHAC), 4. Ben Loughlin (Turin), 5. Oisin Clarke (MHAC), 6. Aonghus O’Reilly (MHAC), 7. Louis Kiernan (MHAC), 8. Adam O’Connor, 9. Oisin O’Farrell (Nth. WH), 10. Gareth Glennon (MHAC), 11. Cian Sheerin (MHAC), 12. Joel Kelly (MHAC). Under 13 girls 2,500m – 1. Tianna O’Leary (MHAC), 2. Eleanor Kiernan (MHAC), 3. Kirstin So (Athlone), 4. Muireann Galvin (MHAC), 5. Blathnaid Peters (MHAC), 6. Emma Lagan (MHAC), 7. Lisa O’Brien (MHAC), 8. Sadhbh Carey (MHAC), 9. Beibhinn O’Reilly (MHAC), 10. Aiveen Lynch (MHAC), 11. Katie Thornton Sleator (MHAC). Under 13 boys 2,500m – 1. Conor Walsh (MHAC), 2. Conor Geoghegan (MHAC), 3. David Reilly (MHAC), 4. Zack O’Leary (MHAC), 5. Aaron Wallace (MHAC), 6. Oliver Lynch (MHAC), 7. Greg McDonnell (MHAC), 8. Cormac McGrath (MHAC), 9. Oisin Kilmurray (MHAC), 10. Aaron Conroy (MHAC), 11. James McHugh. Under 15 girls 3,500m – 1. Rachel Murphy (MHAC), 2. Lydia McDonnell (MHAC), 3. Caoimhe Clarke (MHAC), 4. Muireann Donohue (MHAC), 5. Fodhla Corroon (MHAC), 6. Lauren Kavanagh (Nth. WH), 7. Síofra O’Reilly (MHAC). Under 15 boys 3,500m – 1. Jamie Wallace (MHAC), 2. Donagh Carey (MHAC), 3. Matthew Molloy (MHAC), 4. Luke Greene (MHAC), 5. Niall Brady (MHAC), 6. Barry Walsh. Under 17 girls 4,000m – 1. Caoimhe Kilmurray (MHAC), 2. Grace Byrne (MHAC), 3. Leah Geoghegan (MHAC), 4. Aisling Lane (MHAC), 5. Jessica Cunningham (MHAC), 6. Aine Gilhooley (AIT AC), 7. Síofra O’Halloran (MHAC). Under 17 boys 6,000m – 1. Diarmuid Fagan (MHAC), 2. Ross Killalea (MHAC), 3. Conor Sherwin (MHAC), 4. Andrew Glennon (MHAC), 5. David Burke (MHAC), 6. Conleth Mullen (MHAC). Under 19 girls 4,000m – 1. Meabh Killalea (MHAC), 2. Phoebe Bate (MHAC). Under 19 boys 6,000m – 1. Matthew Glennon (MHAC). Senior Women 4,000m – 1. Aine O’Reilly (MHAC), 2. Sinead Whitelaw (MHAC), 3. Amy Mahony (MHAC). Novice Women 4,000m – 1. Susan Glennon (MHAC), 2. Anna Broderick (MHAC), 3. Treasa Gibney (NWAC), 4. Laura Geoghegan (MHAC), 5. Karen Crean (NWAC), 6. Wendy Mahon (NWAC), 7. Rosie Grall (NWAC), 8. Mary Goldsbury (Cor/Kin), 9. Sinead Whelehan (Cor/Kin), 10. Colette Dunleavey (Cor/Kin), 11. Olivia Haughey (Cor/Kin). Novice Women Team – 1. Mullingar Harriers, 2. North Westmeath, 3. Coralstown/Kinnegad. Master Women 4,000m – (o/35) 1. Michelle Bohan (MHAC), 2. Anna Marie O’Dowd (AIT AC), 3. Aisling Corcoran (MHAC),4. Miranda De Almeida (AIT AC), 5. Michelle O’Halloran (MHAC), 6. Maura Shine (AIT AC), 7. Caroline Boyle (MHAC). Master Women 4,000m – (o/50) 1. Emer O’Hanlon (MHAC), 2. Caroline Mullen (MHAC), 3. Brigid McCabe (MHAC), 4. Terri Greene (MHAC), 5. Joanna Tyrrell (MHAC), 6. Nuala Moran (MHAC), 7. Vera McCool (MHAC). Master Women Teams – 1. Mullingar Harriers, 2. Athlone Running Club. Master Men 4,000m – (o/65) 1. Pat Muldoon (MHAC), 2. Nollaig McEntegart (MHAC), 3. Nicky McCabe (MHAC), 4. Sean McMullin (MHAC). Senior Men 8,000m – 1. Timmy Murphy (MHAC), 2. James Keegan (MHAC), 3. Ian McCormack (MHAC), 4. Euan Lagan (MHAC), 5. Eiviltas Rodicius (Guest). Novice Men 6,000m – 1. Brian Martin (MHAC), 2. Enda Seery (MHAC), (Kieran Morris Roe, Guest), 3. Stephen Olwell (MHAC). Master Men 6,000m – (o/35) 1. Evan McCormack (MHAC), 2. Alan Crowley (MHAC), 3.Vernon Walsh (AIT AC), 4. Eoin Clarke (MHAC), 5. David Cuddy (AIT AC), 6. James Cribbin (MHAC), 7. Ollie Geoghegan (Cor/Kin), 8. Thomas McDermott (AIT AC), 9. Mick Fagan (NWAC), 10. Jim Whelehan (Cor/Kin), 11. Tommy McCarthy (Cor/Kin), 12. Enda Farrell (AIT AC), 13. Murty Hanley (MHAC), 14. Colm Kavanagh (NWAC), 15. Eamonn Campbell (NWAC), 16. Mel Leahy (NWAC), 17. Colm Yeats (Cor/Kin), 18. Matthew Brilly (AIT AC), 19. Richie Kelly (MHAC), 20. Oliver O’Farrell (NWAC), 21. Paddy McCabe (NWAC). Master Men 6,000m – (o/50) 1. Eddie Newman (MHAC), 2. Tom McGrath (MHAC), 3. Stephen Naughton (MHAC), 4. Matt Glennon (Cor/Kin), 5. Cormac Finnerty (MHAC), 6. James Carton (MHAC), 7. Máirtín Savage (MHAC), 8. John Bannon (MHAC). Master Men  Teams – 1. Mullingar Harriers, 2. Athlone Running Club, 3. Coralstown/Kinnegad, 4. North Westmeath.

Selection for juvenile Club and County teams for the Leinster Championships will be based on the results from both days and on application in training. A few juveniles unavoidably missed one day or the other, or were ill, but they can still be considered for team selection if officials are happy that they are fit and able to train. The Club has a great reputation in underage cross country running, due in no small part to athletes running in their own age group but also moving up an age group to make up Club and County teams. Therefore, in line with the long time practice and what is effectively Club policy we expect everyone selected on teams to compete.

Stephen Bell in Belfast Marathon

The full results of the Belfast Marathon were finally published last week and that’s when we noticed that we forgot to mention Stephen Bell in last week’s notes. Stephen reports that it was a difficult twisting and turning route, and he even had to stop for a few minutes along the way because one runner had collapsed with a heart attack, though thankfully he was resuscitated by paramedics before being air lifted out and reported as recovered in hospital. Despite this unfortunate excitement, Stephen was still satisfied enough to finish in 3 hours 51 minutes 10 seconds, under his pre-race target of four hours. Well done Stephen and we’re happy to correct the omission.

Road Safety

The evenings are really closing in fast, so a reminder to all Club members that they must wear reflective clothing when running on the road in the evenings. That includes all who use our Club grounds and who run from the Clubhouse on training nights.

Check the Club’s website at www.mullingarharriers.com or its Facebook page for all the latest news.