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Happy New Year to all our Members and Friends (27th Dec)


Happy New Year to all our Members and Friends

We wish all Club members and supporters of the Club a very happy New Year. We certainly won’t be sad to see the back of Covid-ridden 2020 and have to be hopeful 2021 will see things get back to normal, though it will still take some time. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the festive season and normally we’d be encouraging everyone to get back into training again for the season ahead, but of course there remains huge uncertainty over any competition in the coming months. Athletics Ireland and Athletics Leinster remains committed to holding cross country events from Late January into March, subject to Covid-19 restrictions allowing. However, the recent surge in the number of confirmed infections, the third such surge, together with confirmed reports of a more infectious strain of the virus, makes it extremely unlikely we will see a return to competition any time soon. In fact, judging by the recent comments of the Taoiseach that he is hopeful next summer will see a “degree of normality” return makes it clear that when dealing with Covid-19, there are no quick fixes and we’re in for the long haul!